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    Truth In Comedy

    The improv “bible” and a must-read, Truth In Comedy details the beginnings of improv and covers the basic structures or “rules” that help define it. The book also discusses an improv staple the “Harold”, a long form improv format, created by the authors Del Close, the father of improv, and Charna Halpern.

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    Art By Committee

    In the book Art By Committee, Charna Halpern expands upon the lessons taught in Truth In Comedy. The book is intended to aid improvisors get to the next level with more advanced concepts. The DVD that accompanies the book contains performances from popular improv troupes and celebrity improv artists.

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    Author and improviser Mick Napier reexamines the “rules” discussed in Truth In Comedy and provides his take on the fundamentals of improv. Napier, with over 20 years of experience, takes a constructive look at two-person scenes, group scenes, exercises, and much more. The book is a great read for intermediate improvisers.

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